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Cookies utilizes a very common technique called cookies to handle information pertaining to your visit. We are required by law to inform you about what cookies are used for.

A "cookie" is a very small textfile this is stored automatically by your browser. A cookie is not harmful to your computer in any way, it contains a few simple rows of text, and cannot contain viruses or lead to infection of your computer. Such things are beyond the technological capabilities of a cookie. The cookie itself takes up a very tiny amount of space, and can be removed through your browser.

There are two types of cookies:

One is stored permanently on your computer and is used to track your movements within our site. It is not used to keep track of anything you do outside We use this for statistical purposes and to offer you better services. These files can be easily removed and most browsers have features to do this quickly. We use this type of cookies to manage your shoppingbag. The information that is stored is a unique number, no personal information is collected or stored.

The other type of cookies are so-called "Session-Cookies". While you're visiting our site our server provides you with a unique identifier so as to differentiate between visitors. A "Session-Cookie" is never stored permanently on your computer, and is automatically removed when you close your browser. You need to have cookies activated in order to use our site smoothly.