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Eclipse Circe / Eclipse Chara Zoom


Eclipse Circe / Eclipse Chara

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Balconette bikiniöverdel. Formade kupor med bygel, avtagbara axelremmar och guldfärgad logo-pin framtill. Passar dig med A, B och C-kupa.

Enfärgad vikbar bikinitrosa. Fullfodrad bikinitrosa med logohänge i guld på vänster sida. Denna underdel är multiwear och kan användas antingen upp- eller nedvikt.

Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU 19321-900 / 19324-900
Color Black

Care advice

    Below are some tips and advice to keep your swimwear in as good condition as when you bought it:
  • Sunscreen and oil can damage the fabric, remember this when applying
  • Avoid sitting directly on docks and rocks as the fabric can be scratched
  • Avoid having your swimwear lie in a plastic bag after bathing in chlorine water
  • Always rinse in fresh water after use
  • Use mild color detergent when washing
  • We recommend hand washing, higher temperatures than 30 degrees can destroy the materials
  • Squeeze your swimwear, never twist it
  • Airdry is recommended, avoid tumble dryers and drying cabinets
  • Be aware that sunlight and chlorine can bleach your swimwear, colors that bleach more than others are turquoise and light blue