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Element Tee Organic Cotton Zoom

Element Tee Organic Cotton

If there is a T-shirt you are going to buy this summer, this is it!
Comfortable and spacious fit in superb quality cotton.
Discreet, embroidered logo element on the chest.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Made of 100% organic cotton
Color White

Care advice

    Below are some tips and advice to keep your swimwear in as good condition as when you bought it:
  • Sunscreen and oil can damage the fabric, remember this when applying
  • Avoid sitting directly on docks and rocks as the fabric can be scratched
  • Avoid having your swimwear lie in a plastic bag after bathing in chlorine water
  • Always rinse in fresh water after use
  • Use mild color detergent when washing
  • We recommend hand washing, higher temperatures than 30 degrees can destroy the materials
  • Squeeze your swimwear, never twist it
  • Airdry is recommended, avoid tumble dryers and drying cabinets
  • Be aware that sunlight and chlorine can bleach your swimwear, colors that bleach more than others are turquoise and light blue